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Handmade Skin Gin Edition Blanc Copper Box

For true fans of an extraordinary bar life

In addition to classic juniper from the Heide, Moroccan Mint plays the main role in Skin Gin. In combination with citrus peels of oranges and pink grapefruits from Spain, limes and lemons from Italy, and coriander from Vietnam, the result is an mind-blowing fresh and at the same time mild taste. This can be perfectly complemented with the high-quality tonic water from Thomas Henry.


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Skin Gin First Tasting

Want to get to know this Skin Gin Edition first, order the tasting size!

Unique delight

Touches all senses and is simply different

Exceptional taste

Founder Martin's minty-fresh recipe of seven botanicals

Distilled by a master distiller

Hand-selected botanicals individually distilled in a traditional process

Each bottle and each box unique

Handcrafted complexly in a manufactory. Bottled and assembled individually by hand

The extraordinary highlight of the extra class for your home bar!

Experience extraordinary delight with the extravagant Edition Blanc Box! With this you give your home bar a noble look and can prepare your own personal favorite gin and tonic, which will be anything but 9 to 5! Every single bottle of Edition Blanc are hand-wrapped in a manufactory with a smooth leather skin look and finished with copper-colored embossing. We also have the high-quality box wrapped for you by hand in the manufactory with a copper-colored relief look and finished with white embossings. Afterwards, we fill the bottle for you by hand with our Skin Gin in our gin manufactory in Buxtehude and complete the extravagant box with two high-quality Thomas Henry Tonic Water. The all-around special and unique product is perfect as a gift, but you can also keep it and get an extravagant bar life of the extra class directly at home!

Perfect for exceptional enjoyment!

The extraordinary fresh and mild taste is based on the handpicked botanicals: Moroccan Mint as the main note, juniper from the Heide, fruit peels of orange and pink grapefruit from Spain, lime and lemon from Italy and coriander from Vietnam.We distill the seven hand-picked botanicals individually in a traditional process just outside Hamburg. In this way, we manage to extract almost 100% of their fine essences and combine them for you in the Skin Gin Edition Blanc. The result is a spirit of exceptional quality that is a delight to drink neat or mixed with Thomas Henry's premium tonic water.

Facts and Data

Special features Extraordinary box with a copper-colored relief look and finished with white embossings with one bottle of Skin Gin Edition Blanc and two bottles of Thomas Henry Tonic Water.
Botanicals Founder Martin's recipe of Moroccan Mint, juniper, citrus peels of orange, pink grapefruit, lime and lemon, and coriander
Distillation Seven hand-selected botanicals individually distilled using traditional methods
Filling Quantity 1 x 500ml bottle Skin Gin Edition Blanc,2 x 0,2l bottle of Thomas Henry Tonic Water
Base price per liter 87,40 €
VOL.-% 42% VOL


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Our recommendation

For a superbly refreshing taste experience of a Skin Gin Tonic, we recommend you pour 4cl of Skin Gin into a glass with plenty of ice cubes and top up with Thomas Henry's premium tonic water. As a garnish, add a fresh orange zest and a sprig of rosemary. The fruity sweetness of the orange and the special scent of the rosemary perfectly support the Mediterranean theme of your drink. Cheers!

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