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A unique treat for all the senses

Our recipe inspiration for pure moments of pleasure

The exceptional taste combined with the special bottle design makes Skin Gin an experience for all your senses. From the look and feel of the leather-look bottle, to the fresh notes of Moroccan Mint and citrus that unfold as soon as you open the bottle, to the unique taste: when you enjoy Skin Gin, the concert for all your senses is complete!
Skin Gin can be enjoyed neat or on ice. In addition to the pure enjoyment, you can also create many other drinks. We have developed various “signature drinks” for you with which you can simply get pure pleasure moments at home.

Classic Skin Gin Tonic
We recommend mixing Skin Gin with a high quality tonic water like Thomas Henry or Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic. Lightly garnished with a fresh orange zest and a sprig of rosemary, the Moroccan Mint adds a pleasant freshness and highlights the Mediterranean flavor of Skin Gin.
Another tip: You can experiment with the garnish and also garnish your drink with a lemon or lime zest. If you like it extra exotic, try it with a dash of soy sauce. Sounds crazy, and it is a bit. But thanks to the similar genetic code of soy and juniper, it’s the go-to for any cocktail night. Food pairing at it’s best!

“Old Land” Fizz
You’ll need: 4cl Skin Gin, 3cl lemon juice, 2cl sugar syrup and apple spritzer.
Add the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup to a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Then strain the drink into a glass, top with apple spritzer and garnish with an apple slice. Cheers!

Tramuntana Skin Gin
You will need: 5cl Skin Gin, 3cl orange juice, 2cl fresh lemon juice, 3cl sugar syrup, 4 thyme stems, 3 Dash Aromatic Bitter.
Shake all ingredients strongly with ice and double strain into an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Then garnish the drink with thyme.
Alternatively, you can make yourself an orange thyme syrup. To do this, simply reduce 2L of fresh orange juice over medium heat for 2 hours and remove from heat. Then add a bunch of thyme and 1kg of sugar, as well as the zest of 4 oranges. Let pot cool and then filter the liquid with a sieve. Your own orange thyme syrup is ready!

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