Design & Manufacture

Handcrafted editions become a visual delight in our manufactory as well

Learn how we complexly manufacture our bottles and boxes in a Bavarian manufactory with high-quality leather looks and designs and how we fill the bottles individually by hand in our gin manufactory.

Every bottle and every box becomes unique

Skin Gin is different. You can see, feel, smell and taste it! Already when opening the unique bottles, the fine aromas of the hand-picked botanicals touch your senses and unfold their unique taste when tasting. In order to create very special moments of delight for all your senses, we create individual and high-quality bottle designs and delight boxes to go with the extraordinary taste.

Our handcrafted bottles

For our extraordinary gin and your special moments of delight, we are not satisfied with “normal” usual bottles. That’s why each bottle is handcrafted for you from glass and given its distinctive angular shape. We also have strict selection procedures for the bottles, which ensure the best quality and are in no way inferior to industrially manufactured products despite all the manual work. We then have the carefully selected bottles further processed in a manufactory in northern Bavaria.

Our special design

In the small family manufactory, the bottles are then wrapped by hand with special and high-quality leather looks, the so-called “skins”. The name of our gin brand is also derived from this process. These “skins” all look and feel very different. This makes each edition unique. Our designs are embossed onto the leather looks in an intricate, manual printing process. For each design, we have embossing stamps created with which the high-quality, glossy printing ink is applied. We also have the boxes and tasting bottles manufactured in the manufactory to exactly the same high quality.

Our gin experts

In our gin manufactory in Buxtehude, our gin experts then fill the different editions individually by hand with our various flavors. Surely you have also seen our delight boxes, which we also put together for you here. Our manual and still quite small bottling line sometimes runs through to be able to supply you with Skin Gin, but our team is always passionate and enthusiastic about it. You can taste that not only in our gin, but you can also see it in the quality and individuality of our different editions.

How a Skin Gin design edition is created

In 4 steps a special gin edition is created for you. From the production of the special glass bottle to the bottling with our extraordinary gin, each edition is created by hand.

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The bottle is made in the manufactory

Each bottle is handcrafted from glass for you and given its distinctive angular shape.

The design is created by our design team

In our manufactory in Buxtehude, our team is always creating new special designs for you.

The high-quality leather look is applied by hand

We then have our design hand-stamped onto the bottle at the manufactory in Bavaria and encased in the special leather look.

Your bottle is individually filled and sealed

Only one thing is missing: the gin! Every single bottle will be filled with Skin Gin and sealed in Buxtehude.

About us

Learn more about our founder and the team of our gourmet manufactory where we passionately work on our exceptional taste and design for you!

Botanicals & Distillery

Learn more about the hand-selected botanicals and their exceptional flavors that we extract through a traditional distillation process and combine for you in Skin Gin.

Customer reviews

You can find more about reviews and recommendations about us at customer testimonials. Because the best recommendation for us is the one from satisfied gin connoisseurs and gourmets.

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