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Our gin distilled by master hand

Finest essences distilled at the gates of Hamburg

Skin Gin is a young gin brand founded by Martin Jensen in 2015. Today, more than 15 employees work in our innovative team in Buxtehude near Hamburg to ensure your unique moments of delight with Skin Gin. When it comes to the distilling process, we are traditionally minded. For us, tradition means the preservation and continuation of the tried and tested, combined with experience and newly learned.
Since the beginning, we have had our gin distilled by a master distiller in the “Altes Land” “just around the corner from us”. In the middle of apple orchards and fruit farms, he distills the botanicals for our gin individually and traditionally in a copper still. The working method and also regionality of the master distiller coincide exactly with our ideas. This type of distillation makes it possible to extract the essential oils in special quality from each botanical almost completely. The fine essences are then combined in our gin. Already centuries ago, this distillation process was so carried out by monks, alchemists and doctors. 
In terms of taste, our gin stands out strongly from others. In the combination of flavors we go new ways, which we combine with the traditional production. Of course, the quality of the botanicals also plays a major role. An impeccable origin and a careful selection are a must-have for us. Our selected juniper from the Lüneburg Heide is just as handpicked as the fresh leaves of Moroccan Mint from which we produce an essential oil that is distilled several times. From the lemons and limes from Italy to the oranges and pink grapefruits from Spain, only the fruit peels in which the essential oils are located are distilled. Only fully ripened and aromatic fruits find their way into our distillery. These are particularly flavor-intensive and provide fruity taste notes. With the coriander from Vietnam we use the finely selected and particularly soft-spicy seeds.
Our philosophy is clear: Best quality can only be created when distilled with the utmost care and the best ingredients. The traditional distilling process by a master distiller and our hand-selected botanicals give Skin Gin its unmistakable taste. Have we made you curious and you want to try Skin Gin? Then simply order our different flavors in the tasting size in our store!

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