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Learn more about our founder and the team at our gourmet manufactory where we have been passionate about our exceptional taste and design since day one!

The Story of Skin Gin

Many gins taste primarily like juniper and strongly like alcohol. There is another way and that’s why we developed Skin Gin. A gin that tastes fresh, fruity and mild with a dominant note of Moroccan Mint.

The idea is born

In 2014, founder Martin is on the beach during his summer vacation in Greece. While swimming in the sea, he has the idea that he wants to develop his own gin that tastes completely different from anything else that has been around. A gin that brings freshness, lightness and complete delight.

The first steps in the development

Barely back home in the Alte Land near Hamburg, Martin contacts a renowned master distiller from a traditional local distillery. Martin immediately brings the idea of which botanicals to combine in his gin. Martin wants to distill each of the seven botanicals individually in an elaborate process to preserve and bring out the diverse and valuable aromas. The quick idea with which everything began becomes a hard work. Again and again, new samples are created that do not satisfy Martin. Only sample number 21 convinces him completely and and has exactly the taste he had imagined.

The own gin takes shape

After developing the perfect, sophisticated recipe, Martin is still not satisfied yet and develops the design. A normal bottle is out of the question for his gin, because for Martin, extraordinary pleasure is created with all the senses. After a long search, he finds a small manufactory in Bavaria that can apply his unique design to handmade bottles with various special leather looks. Such an complex process would not be necessary to sell the gin. But it is necessary to offer gin lovers a unique experience with all senses.

A national and international success story begins

Shortly after Skin Gin hits the market, success is already setting in. And so Skin Gin is now available throughout Germany at a large number of delicatessens, but also in retail stores in many markets for you. Likewise with wholesalers who supply the catering trade and the retail trade, the gin with the unique taste is listed many times.

There is also strong international interest. Skin Gin is now exported to many countries in Europe and even worldwide. Everywhere people share the enthusiasm for the particularly mild-minty and fresh-fruity taste and the special design.

Always on the lookout for the extraordinary

Martin and his team now develop new special editions and also new flavors every year. Because the Skin Gin team is always on the lookout for unique flavors that can inspire gin lovers and that are completely different.

Botanicals & Distillery

Learn more about the hand-selected botanicals and their exceptional flavors that we extract through a traditional distillation process and combine for you in Skin Gin.

Design & Manufacture

Discover how each edition also becomes a visual delight and how complexly we have them manufactured for you in a manufactory.

Customer reviews

You can find more about reviews and recommendations about us at customer testimonials. Because the best recommendation for us is the one from satisfied gin connoisseurs and gourmets.

The Skin Gin Team

Our team works every day with enthusiasm to offer you exceptional delight and a unique gin experience. That’s what makes us special and also what makes our team special.


Day in and day out, we aim to inspire with exceptional taste and design, and just like with our gin, we won’t be satisfied until you are.


We love it when our Skin Gin gives you and your friends unique taste experiences, extraordinary moments of delight and special joy.


Our gin and its bottle design is particularly individual and so we deliberately set no limits for you and your individual taste, whether in the design or in your drinks.


We are real people behind a real product and with us you should not bend either to fit into our world, because our gin is made for your individual taste.


From the first contact, we respect and appreciate the cooperation and interaction with a wide variety of business partners and each individual customer.

From Buxtehude near Hamburg around the world

Our company is based in Buxtehude. Since 2015, we have had our gin distilled by master craftsmen in a distillery just outside Hamburg. In our gin manufactory in Buxtehude, our gin experts fill Skin Gin into the handcrafted bottles. From here we ship to you and gin fans in Germany and worldwide. Even in Singapore gin connoisseurs enjoy our high-quality manufactory gin.

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