The story of Barril Rum

An exclusive journey through the Caribbean to the origins of our premium rum

Learn more about the story of our Barril Rum and join our founder and us on a journey through the Caribbean to find the perfect sophisticated taste for you!

The Story of Barril Rum

Many rums taste unbalanced flat and artificial. For this reason we have developed Barril Rum. A blended rum that tastes multi-faceted and intense with complex aromas and deep flavors. And with no added artificial spices or caramel!

The idea for a rum

With the special taste of “Skin Gin”, founder Martin and his team have been delighting gin lovers around the world since 2014. In 2020, Martin came up with a new idea and set off on a culinary journey through the Caribbean. He wants to develop a rum that tastes completely different. A rum that brings the spirit and excitement of Caribbean culture to people’s homes.

The beginning of a culinary journey

Martin’s journey begins where rum originated: in the Caribbean. In search of a rum that tastes light yet aromatic, he flies from Hamburg to Barbados. The Caribbean island has a relaxed and fun-loving culture that Martin would like to take home with him. He contacts a local distillery and is thrilled by the high quality and incredible aromas of the rums produced there. The traditional distilling methods and long storage in American bourbon oak barrels convince Martin to do so. After quite a few samples, he decides on a molasses-based rum aged for 8 years with a smooth and aromatic taste.

In search of the incomparable

Martin continues his journey, because he doesn’t want to settle for just one rum. His sophisticated rum should be a whole composition of aromas and flavors. So Martin decides to create a blended rum from different rums with multi-faceted flavors that harmonize perfectly with each other. For the second rum, Martin travels on to the Dominican Republic. There, he is overwhelmed by sprawling sugar cane plantations and a region that lives rum. At a distillery in San Pedro de Macoris, after several tastings, his choice falls on an aromatic rum based on Sugarcane Juice. Under the tropical weather, this one matures there for 8 years in American Bourbon Oak barrels.

Closer and closer to the perfect rum

Martin seeks out two more distilleries for his incomparable blended rum. His next destination is Panama. In Pesé, he is shown great hospitality. After extensive tasting in the distillery of the small town, he decides on a rum aged for 6 years in bourbon oak barrels. This is based on the particularly exclusive “Virgin Cane Honey”.

Last but not least, Martin went to Nicaragua, which is known for its large sugar cane and molasses production. He locates a distillery in Managua that specializes in molasses-based rum. There, unlike what he expected, Martin selects a blended rum aged between 5 and 8 years in bourbon barrels. Its multifaceted nuances are said to complete Barril Rum.

A harmony of aromas and flavors

With four taste samples of the exclusive rums in his luggage, Martin sets off to a master blender, who finally unites Barril Rum into an incomparable taste composition.
Martin and his team are always on the lookout for unique flavors and develop new intense premium rums that will delight lovers and connoisseurs and taste completely different.

The taste of Barril Rum

Discover the incomparable and multi-faceted flavor compositions in the special handcrafted design bottles of Barril Rum from the manufactory of Skin Gin.

The origin and production

Learn about select raw materials, gentle distillation processes and years of barrel aging under tropical weather that give Barril its multi-faceted flavor.

The Barril Rum Online Shop

Discover our handcrafted designer bottles, premium delight boxes and exclusive tasting sizes and revitalize your home bar with unmatched Caribbean flavors!

From the Caribbean to Buxtehude and around the world.

Since 2020, we have had the four exclusive rums for our Barril Rum distilled in traditional distilleries in the Caribbean countries of Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Nicaragua and then blended by a Master Blender. In our Skin Gin manufactory in Buxtehude, our spirits experts fill Barril Rum into the special bottles. From here, we ship our high-quality manufactured rum to you and rum fans and connoisseurs in Germany and worldwide.

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