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Incomparable premium rums with multi-faceted taste and handcrafted design

Try our special rum and level up your home bar with Caribbean flavors. For that special treat, the handcrafted design bottles are also available in premium tasting sizes and delight boxes.

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The incomparable taste

Our multi-faceted and intense premium rum

Discover a blended rum that is simply incomparable! The multi-faceted aromas and intense flavor in the special design bottle send your senses on an exclusive journey through the Caribbean. In this premium rum, four exclusive rums from the Caribbean countries of Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Nicaragua complete their unique facets and work together in perfect harmony. The four premium rums are gently distilled from select raw materials using traditional craftsmanship and are each aged for 5 to 8 years in bourbon oak barrels under various tropical weather conditions. In this way, complex aromas and deep flavors are formed, which are combined in Barril Rum. The result is a Casked Aged Rum of the highest quality, which stands out strongly from flat and artificial rums. Other flavor compositions such
as the Barril Salted Caramel Rum are also constantly being developed for this purpose. You can enjoy Barril Rum mixed, but also pure as on ice.

The special design bottles

Our handmade tasting sizes, design bottles and delight boxes.

Barril Rum is available for you in high quality design bottles and boxes. Even with the special design we want to send your senses on an exclusive journey. Every single bottle and every box is handcrafted for you in a manufactory in Northern Bavaria in the high-quality bottle design. The special labels are refined and embossed in a complex printing process. In our Skin Gin manufactory in Buxtehude, our spirits experts fill the bottle individually by hand for you with Barril Rum and put together the delight boxes. In this way, Barril Rum brings you all around the attitude towards life and the Caribbean culture directly to your home.

Barril Rum // Bottles

Barril Rum // Delight Boxes

Find the perfect gift for your family and friends and give Caribbean moments of enjoyment. We also have the delight box handcrafted for you just as high quality as our handmade design bottles and assemble them individually by hand in our Skin Gin manufactory. …also perfect to enjoy by yourself!

Barril Rum // Tasting Sizes

If you want to get to know Barril Rum first, just order our premium rum in the exclusive tasting size now. Just like our design bottles, we have the taste sample handmade for you in the manufactory with the noble design and then fill it in our pleasure manufactory at Skin Gin.

The history of Barril Rum

Learn about our founder’s journey through the Caribbean to find the perfect sophisticated flavor to bring the Caribbean lifestyle home to you!

The origin and production

Learn about select raw materials, gentle distillation processes and years of barrel aging under tropical weather that give Barril its multi-faceted flavor.

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